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  • How often should I have my windows cleaned?
    For best results, we recommend a monthly subscription, but we also offer a bi-monthly and quarterly visit. Anything less than that will be considered a one off clean and thus, will incur an extra "initial cleaning" charge.
  • How long should a cleaning service take per house?
    This is a great example where quality and quantity are not at all connected. How long a property takes is dependant on the size, how often it's cleaned and the method of cleaning. First time cleans often take twice as long as what might be considered a 'maintenance clean', as part of a regular monthly service. Ultimately the measure of a successful job is simple: the result at the end.
  • Do you clean frames and sills?
    Yes, on every visit we clean the glass, frames, sills & doors. Please note. There is always a chance of water and particles of dirt running out from the gap between the window and the sill after the operator has left your property. This doesn't mean the operator hasn't cleaned your sills. Over time the dirt trapped between the window and the sill will be washed out and such occurrences will disappear.
  • It looks like you have not cleaned my front door. Why?
    If your door is an original wooden door with no threshold or weather strip at the bottom we will wipe down your door with a damp cloth. We do this so pure water doesn't run under your door. If your door is in poor repair we may not clean it all all.
  • Why have you left my windows wet?
    We use pure filtered and deionised water to clean your windows. This involves the use of a carbon fibre telescopic pole, a soft brush and 100% pure water which we have filtered through a five stage filtration process. We remove the dirt from your windows with a purpose made window cleaning brush then rinse the glass. The pure water is left on the windows to dry naturally.
  • Do you clean conservatory roofs?
    Yes we do. Please note that conservatory roofs are booked as separate jobs and not included in the standard window cleaning service. Although the roof may be made of glass, it is not classed as a "window", but rather a "roof". Most customers have this done once or twice a year, but you can choose the desired frequency.
  • Do you work in the rain?
    The short answer is yes! Gone are the days when window cleaners were foiled by a light drizzle. Modern window cleaning (using pure water) is effective in almost all weathers. Rain water is almost pure, so it does not affect the results.
  • Do you use ladders?
    We use the pure water method which is done from the ground, with no need for ladders. This is the preferred way to clean for the safety of the window cleaner and the peace of mind of the property owner. We still carry ladders for difficult to reach locations, but again, the vast majority of our work if not all of it is completed from the ground.
  • Do you send reminders?
    We send reminders the week before our visits to give you enough time to make the necessary arrangements. Should you need to make any adjustments, we ask that you give us 48h notice.
  • How do I prepare for your visit?
    If you are not going to be in, please ensure access is provided to all areas around the property. That includes moving (where necessary) any items that are in the way, unlocking back/side gates, clearing any animal waste etc.
  • What should I expect after your first visit?
    Your windows, frames and sills should be sparkling clean. If your last window cleaner used soapy water and a cloth to clean your windows or your windows haven't been cleaned for a long time you might notice a few spots or watermarks when the water has dried. This is totally normal, the pure water draws out left over soap residue and dirt from the frames. After the second clean your windows should be sparkling clean. Please note. There might always be one or two water spots left on the glass, but this is the trade off between quality and safety.
  • Do you do "one-off" cleans?
    Yes. We request cash or card payments on the day. If you are not going to be in, advance payment is required.
  • Do you offer post-building cleans?
    Unfortunately not, our pure water cleaning system uses a soft brush to remove everyday dirt. It is not designed to remove cement, mortar, paint or silicone.
  • What if I am not satisfied with your service?
    We are totally confident in the quality of our cleaning and to prove it we offer a robust guarantee. If you are not happy with the results, let us know within 24 hours and we will re-clean your windows free of charge. Learn more about it here.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept cash or card on the day for one off visits. For regular customers we offer the option of direct debit payments. Learn more about it here.
  • I do not want to pay using Direct Debit. Is there another way?
    You can pay cash or card on the day or if you are not going to be in, we will require advance payment via bank transfer to secure your appointment.
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